T-Mobile To Allow Apple iPhone 6 Owners To Upgrade To Next-G

A new partnership between Apple and T-Mobile will transform the way Apple iPhone 6 owners purchase their next handset. T-Mobile has also added Apple Musicto the “Music Freedom” list, specific to the Apple iPhones.

T-Mobile has included the widely used Apple Music on the list of 33 free music services on its data network. Agood 80 percent of the streaming service requests coming via Twitter pertain to Apple Music.

T-Mobile also will be offering the next Apple iPhone for free to iPhone 6 owners. Phone Arena saysthe carrier sold the Apple iPhone 6’s 16 GB model for just $15 per month, under a trade-in deal. Needless to say, it was a killer offer. Following the trend and keeping theiPhone 6s releasein mind, itis offering a good deal on the iPhone 6. T-Mobile is asking its customers to purchase a new iPhone 6 in the summer and exchange it for the coming iPhone bythe end of 2015. This deal also applies those whopurchased the handset under the $15 per month plan.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere said the following in the blog post: "Now, every single customer who gets a new iPhone 6 this summer as part of this deal can simply swap it for the next iPhone, if they upgrade before the end of the year. Yeah, that's what I said....Just swap it out and pay NOTHING more — nothing up front and no change to your monthly payment. No deposit. No fees. Nothing. You get the next iPhone guaranteed.And you get to LOCK IN that industry-best promotional price of $15 a month."

Anyone whopurchased the iPhone 6 via the "JUMP! On Demand" service will get priority access tothe coming Apple iPhone 6s. However, there’s no update available from other carriers to see how they are going to compete with T-Mobile’s offer. Interested readers can check out the official statement on the free Apple iPhone exchangeatT-Mobile’s blog.



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